Why parents choose this simple way to help their baby's development

The Play Kits by Lovevery provide expert-designed play essentials so your little one can grow, learn, and explore at every stage. Here are four reasons why The Play Kits will help you feel confident you’re giving your child the best start.
Starting At $36 / Month
Tummy Time Wobbler: Make tummy time more fun while building core muscle strength for crawling and walking.

1. Stage-based learning to support brain development

Our award-winning play essentials are exactly what your child needs—and loves—at each vital developmental stage, from newborn up to age three. Convenient delivery every two to three months coordinates with your child’s growth to take the guesswork out of what they need for play.
Nesting Stacking Dripdrop Cups: Essential to several key concepts: tower-building, nesting, pouring, and containment.

2. Backed by science and designed by experts

Lovevery play essentials introduce STEM and other foundational learning early and often and are designed by our team of experts—neuroscientists, academics, and researchers focused on early life cognition. We create dozens of prototypes and test our products with families just like yours to get every detail just right.
Race & Chase Ramp: Explore motion and direction with our side-by-side racing ramp.

3. Timeless design and sustainable materials

Our children are going to inherit the planet we help create—and that means choosing the best, not the easiest. We prioritize modern, minimal, and Montessori-inspired details and design playthings that stand up to endless play. We go to great lengths to use natural materials and processes that are child-safe and easy on the environment.

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Made for learning and designed by experts.

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